Company Profile

IMC PRO Services is a division of Intuit Management Consultancy focussing on a multitude of PRO services. IMC PRO Services provides solutions to its clients ranging from companies to individuals seeking support to manage procedures and formalities concerning the UAE Government. We provide specialized service in labour, immigration, economic and municipality, foreign affairs and various other departments.

Owing to its strategic location and being a tax-free economy the UAE has evolved as a prime business hub and become the point of connect between the west and the east. Businesses across the world want to set up their operations in UAE. At Intuit we facilitate the smooth entry of individuals and firms in UAE by providing end-to-end solutions.

Our professional team of experts possess in-depth understanding of the UAE Government legislations, regulations, processes, procedures and the regional market and are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service. With state of art infrastructure and up-to-date technological systems, we are empowered to provide our clients with proficient, competent and prompt services.

Our client base spans various industry sectors such as Banking and Financial institutions, Software and IT firms, Law firms, Hospitality, Real Estate Agencies, Construction Companies, Manufacturing Units, Management Consultancies, Transportation Companies and many more.